Lost Boys

694 Ann St, Fortitude Valley
Mon-Sat 7am-2.30pm
Sun 8am-2pm

Second star to the right, and just a short walk from the Fortitude Valley train station - stepping through the heavy wooden door into Lost Boys is like stepping in to one of my own personal childhood fantasies. A huge fake tree stretches across the whole venue, with lanterns and rope bridges swinging from its branches. It’s a good thing there’s no way to get up there, because it would have been really hard to resist. 

Menus are printed and stuck between the pages of vintage children’s books, and the menu items are quite varied between breakfast, lunch and snacks. I had lunch there with a vegan friend of mine and the staff were happy to cater for her specific requests (they even tried out a new recipe for her because she contacted them beforehand about their menu options) as well as to make sure there were no mistakes with my nut allergy.

We opted for a table rather than the benches along the huge glass front. My chai latte was brought out first, beautifully presented on a bewilderingly large board which encouraged me to “be here now”. This was lovely until the food appeared and the waiter had a hard time fitting two more boards on to the table. In the end, I took off the glass and swapped my chai board for one full of “Neverland Nachos”.

At $18 I’d been a little sceptical, but they were some of the best vegetarian nachos I’ve ever had. The beans were a distinct bean-like shape rather than the usual gluggy mush, and fresh avocado and local, organic sour cream (all of their produce is organic, which is an added bonus) topped off the experience. Everything looked and tasted fresh. The vegan burger was apparently excellent too, and the staff offered to add beetroot to replace the cheese. Top marks.

Great environment, staff are helpful and friendly, food is fantastic (but a bit pricey) and the décor takes me back to a time in my life when anything was possible. Including eating a plate of nachos bigger than my head.