Day 10 - Geeking out

Everyone is a geek about something - it might be shoes or sports or vintage dresses. Or comic books. There are several great comic book stores in Brisbane - nice spaces to hang out, whether you're buying or browsing.

They've had a face-lift since the store was damaged by leaks earlier in the year - the layout is clearer and makes the space seem bigger, with shelves along the walls and in the centre rather than lined up in rows. They've got a decent lot of anime (as long as you're up to date - not many volume 1s) and hardcover special editions (collected Batman newspaper dailies from the 60s, anyone?). Figurines and PopVinyls too, if that's your thang.

Ace has always had that old-school comic book store feel for me - a little bit musty and dusty, creaky floors, the whole bit. They also have a reasonable stock of Magic and Pokemon cards if that's your jam, and a games room where they run regular games of all sorts of things. Also stock a fair bit of anime.

Recently opened on Charlotte Street, Tash and Christine are all about creating a welcoming space. So if you're a nerd or a newbie, you can feel comfortable asking for help, recommendations...anything you need a hand with!

Far fewer superheroes, more of everything else. They still have a bit of Marvel, DC, etc, but if that's what you're after you're best off at one of the above. Junky specialise in alternative and indie comics from Canada, London and the USA as well as local zines and comics.